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Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

As borrowing money is one of life’s major decisions, we understand you may experience feelings of:

CONFUSION as to which lender/product offers the best solution

INTIMIDATION in the face of questioning, providing data and arranging appointments

APPREHENSION about making the correct decision/choice

With us working on your behalf we can remove or minimise these negatives, and provide you with a professional service, backed by our extensive list of 31 lenders and drawing on our experience in the finance industry saving you both TIME and MONEY.

We take the time consuming aspect of product selection out of the process for you, and at the same time provide you with the most appropriate solution for your requirements. Whatever your requirements are, we are confident we have the solution for you. After 60 years combined experience in the industry Darren and Damien know how to best present loan applications to lenders for a positive outcome for their clients.

As most lenders will only recommend their own products or those of companies with which they are affiliated, they are not necessarily providing you with a product that is the best and most cost effective for your needs.

With AAA Mortgage Services Pty Ltd as your Broker you can be assured that the choice of product and lender will be an unbiased choice and will best suit your requirements, be delivered in a timely manner without you needing to shop around.


               You will be kept updated at every stage of the loan process